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Children’s Hope Competition Award (CHCA) is a new programme initiated by Zion Friends Anti-Aids Club. The broader objective of this award is to invest hope and encourage children of age up to 14 years in primary schools of low opinions towards education to realize the importance of education and be able to meet their dreams.


The programme is established to enhance on the capacity understanding of children through quiz and essay writing competition and creating the love of education among children under 14 years. The programme (CHCA) target population is the primary going pupils under 14 years. CHCA works on the principle of non discrimination, based on gender balance and considers all primary going pupils under 14 years as children who must be given much attention so as to have peelers of tomorrow. This can be achieved through promoting children rights and children counseling and guidance in different aspects of life. This programme will be effective in 2012


For more information find us on the web at www.zfantiaidsclubuganda.biz.tc OR reach our office at;


Margarita Street, Nallongo Shopping Arcade Room 11, Central Division - Kasese Municipal Council


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Contact Information

Children’s Hope Competition Award (CHCA)

ZFAAC P.O.Box 455, Kasese – Uganda.

Tel: +256 (0) 756-303440

Email: info@zfantiaidsclubuganda.biz.tc, Zionfaac@yahoo.com



Please read carefully through the information note distributed with the application form.

Information note provides important details on how to apply and explaining the eligibility criteria and selection process of the Children’s Hope Competition award. Incomplete forms will be rejected.

We are looking for young ones age up to 14 and under primary going pupils who are the award target population. The purpose of the award is to work with a view to develop and improving on the capacity understanding of children under 14 years academically by giving quiz and essays concerning HIV/AIDS and on matters that are frequently happening in our community.

The CHCA is an academic improvement award scheme launched by Zion friends Anti-Aids Club (ZFAAC) with generous support from the organization (ZFAAC) its self. The applicants will be under the supervision and guidance of the teacher i.e. senior woman / Man who will then be termed the clubs patron at the school. (The schools that will have its children join the competition).

The patron should carefully consider the following guidelines and eligibility criteria for the children’s Hope competition of 14 and under to compete.


  • An applicant must be a Ugandan and currently residing in kasese district.
  • Entries will be accepted only in English
  • Children must submit individual applications
  • An application with more than one applicant will not be considered.
  • Improper filling of the applications in association with unclear information provided will lead to cancelation of the application.
  • Essays must be equal or less than 200 words.
  • Competitors/ applicants must be 14 year and under.
  • The patron/ Head teacher should make many copies of the application form so as to have a good number of children to join the competition.
  • Patrons/Head teacher must submit original application of the applicants to KASESE EYE CENTRE Margarita Street, Nallongo shopping arcade room 11 central division.


 LIGHT OF HOPE SECONDARY SCHOOL near kasese youth building and mawa market off Kilembe road, Nyamwamba division.

  • The patron/ Head teacher must submit the application with the list of applicants and their corresponding ages. The list be arranged according to their ages starting from 14 and below.
  • Receiving of the application shall be open on Wednesday 15 /February /2012 and shall close on Friday 02/ March /2012. Applications shall be received in working times; 8:30am – 4:30pm from Monday to Friday


The application process of CHCA is as follows:

  • A child joining the competition is provided a one leaf application form and can be found on our website at http://www.zfantiaidsclubuganda.biz.tc/CHCA_award.html
  • This should be filled and answered under the supervision and guidance of a teacher(patron/Head teacher)
  • The filled and answered application should enclosed in one envelope with a conforming letter and stamped from the school to prove that the applicants whose enclosed applications are true.
  • Write the name of the school on the envelope after sealing.


The children’s hope competition award (CHCA) review panel reviews applications and recommends successful applications to the board. Applicants are assessed according to the evaluation criteria for the CHCA award. Evaluation is conducted on an individual basis and includes the fit of an applicant with the priorities and objectives of the CHCA award. The English of an applicant is one of the CHCA major concerns considered during the selection of the successful applications.

Applications are marked and awarded marks. Those with over 60% have high chances of wining

Successful applicants shall be published on our website mid June 2012 and late June 2012 we shall be giving out prizes and awards to winners of CHCA.

For more information reach us at to KASESE EYE CENTRE Margarita Street, Nallongo shopping arcade room 11 central division. Or LIGHT OF HOPE SECONDARY SCHOOL near kasese youth building and mawa market off Kilembe road, Nyamwamba division.


 Copy the form below and paste in MS Word for printing.